Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Until that morning, I didn’t know Saturday, December 8, was “Pretend You’re a Tine Traveler” Day. Except for Ken Denmead in WIRED and The Passive Voice which reported his article. I’d never have known. I would have loved to follow some of the suggestions offered. Of course you can’t tell anyone that you’re a time traveler, so whatever you do will be a surprise to them and a chance for you to have fun.

Imagine going up to a statue - any statue - and kneeling in front of it screaming, “No! No!”

Or asking someone what year it is and then responding, “Then it’s not too late,” before running off.

Or how about being terrified of airplanes overhead, or pretending you’ve never seen a revolving door, or talking back to a television set? My favorite is handing someone a trinket or a rock along with a phone number and then saying, “In 30 years call this number. You’ll know what to do.” before running away.

It reminded me of a friend I talked about in this blog about a year ago. He and his wife would get in a crowded elevator and then begin to talk to each other, relating a suspenseful tale as if it were real, and then getting off the elevator before the end.

I think we should all have days in which we do things like that. However, unfortunately - as I said in another blog - I’m an Introvert and probably would never really do it. How about you? Have you done something like that? Or would you like to?

The Passive Voice


  1. Oh Phyllis! What a fun blog post! I've never done anything like that, but it sounds like a good time. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Dixie:
      Glad you liked it. Maybe we're not too old to try.

  2. I remember when I was a teenager my girlfriend and I used to go to the Oakland Airport and separate from each other and then run from across the airport, acting as if we were long lost buddies meeting again. SO corny...

    1. Patricia:

      Corny or not, I loved what you did. Thanks for sharing.

  3. When I was fifteeen I promised to tell my really old self (50) that I was forgetful (at fifteen), so don't flip out—old man. Sure enough on my 5oth that kid reminded me. I think that 15 lives within me. At my sister's 2011 Christams party my sisters & I were talking about my mom's short term memory problems. I blurted out "I want my mommy back." I didn't even know or plan to say that. So, I think a five year still lives within me. My sisters pointed out my slip, hugged me, and told me, crying, how sweet that was.

    Not exactly time travel, but it shows how real our imagination and the times we lived—are forever real.


    1. Bob:
      Maybe not time travel but close enough. When my sister and I were teenagers, we'd dress up with heels and large hats, go to a Chicago hotel lobby and speak (high school) French to one another. But we weren't allowed to speak to men so if any approached us, we'd leave. I had totally forgotten that until your post, so thanks for sharing.


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