Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Under the pen name Charlotte Kent, Juliette Hill and Annie Acorn have written a contemporary romance titled A CLUE FOR ADRIANNA, and the following post is a clever way of introducing their readers to their project.

* * *

Juliette: We were able to write and edit A Clue for Adrianna, the first novel in our Captain’s Point Stories series in the contemporary romance fiction genre in approximately ninety days. Besides churning out sometimes thousands of words a day, what do you feel was the secret to accomplishing such an ambitious goal?

Annie: It isn’t only the number of words we produced each day that led us to accomplishing such a goal. The key to writing a good novel, which was our goal, is saying what you intend to say in a way that will be entertaining and helpful to the reader, if they should choose to learn from the experience of the characters presented.

I am personally proud of what came out of our daily collaboration, during which we continually reminded ourselves who these characters were, what their lives were like, what their hopes and dreams were and their baggage (or what they as individuals had to overcome) in order to become the best they could be. We put ourselves in the position of our characters to truly understand their actions and individual growth.

Juliette: Did you ever experience writer’s block while we were working on the book or while you were writing any of your prior literary works? If so, how did you deal with this issue?

Annie: I can honestly say that I have never experienced writer’s block. Scenes will come to me unexpectedly like a gift, but when writing a daily quota, what I do is reread the previous scene and ask which one of the characters would take the next step, or who might show up at the door, that sort of thing.

Juliette: How did you find the experience of our collaboration on such a large undertaking as A Clue For Adrianna?

Annie: I have always had an overactive imagination and obviously you do too. Every time I thought I had a story line, you brought just as much to the table. By bringing our creative perspectives together in the book, we produced vastly better material than we could have on our own.

Saying that, there were three things that I found during my experience: (1) knowing I was checking in with you each day kept me writing; (2) having daily collaboration discussions helped me focus on characters’ motivations, dreams and goals; and (3) I often saw your role, Juliette, in collaborating as keeping me on track, true to the characters by insisting that a character had to do something or not do something.

* * *

Readers can reach Juliette and Annie at their websites: (Juliette) &


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