Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I want to talk about two books this week. One is a new e-book on Amazon, but was published last year by a different small publisher and already has two book reviews. The other has been out two months but has no reviews yet. So I’m putting my request right up front. I’ll send you a free e-book of either one (or both) for honest reviews. They’re both romance novels. Descriptions can be seen on Amazon’s book pages.


Published in 2013 by a small press, it’s about 65,000 words and costs $2.99. It’s written in first person, which is something I seldom do, but seemed right for this story. Just as the title seemed right because the heroine’s job is to write a magazine article about a specific tour of three Italian cities. I loved writing the book because I could relive our trip to Italy. However, except for the background, the scenes of Rome, Florence, and Venice, my experience was nothing like the experience of my book’s heroine. I’m long married and didn’t meet my husband in Italy or on a flight to Rome. I also didn’t meet a divorcee who tried to steal him from the heroine.


This novella is about 28,000 words and costs $1.99. I wrote it for the Kindle World series, FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FIASCO, begun by best-selling author Lucy Kevin (who writes as Bella Andre for her other books). The premise of this World intrigued me since it was to be a “sweet” romance, relatively short, and was to be set in San Francisco, a city I lived in for 25 years. And where I really met my husband. San Francisco is considered very cosmopolitan, and visitors often compare it to European cities. Although I invented the eccentric, identical-twin aunts of the book’s hero, some readers have told me the ladies really exist.

Again, if I send you a free copy of one of these books, will you write and post an honest review? Thanks so much.


  1. Hi Phyllis,

    I'm editing a story by Mary Willmont now and then would love to read and honestly review your twin story. I loved my previous read of your American girl in England story. I have a counter idea you may prefer. Sawp honest reviews. I wrote a romantic comedy 66,000 words named Double Happiness (about identical twins who get into all sorts of trouble, and I could sure use reviews. I know your time is precious, but given the similarities of plot you might be tempted. if so we can arragne a free swap.

    Let me know, either way is okay. Expect a review in two and a half weeks (knowing I'm a slow reader and have other things to do.).

    1. Bob. Swapping is a good idea. Am on my way out. More tonight


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