Wednesday, November 11, 2015

History, Travel and Recipes

Writing about Pal last week reminded me of other parts of my life: my history, travel and, maybe, recipes.


Curt is my third husband. Don’t look so shocked. Yes, Curt and I have been married a long time, but there were two others before him. The first was a very young man. (Weren’t we all young once upon a time?) We had two children together, but it wasn’t right for me so we divorced.

Husband number two was even younger, and I had one child with him, but that was also not right, and I got another divorce.

I was worried about my choices and was really afraid to marry again. However, I prayed a lot and we talked a lot, so a year later I did marry Curt and we’re still together, still in love.


Curt worked for an airline, so we traveled. London, Paris, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Canada, and almost every large city in the U.S. He’d been married once before and had five children, so we had a total of eight. Traveling wasn’t easy, but we did it anyway. I loved traveling to places I’d never seen before and those images went into my books.


Sorry, no recipes this time. My daughter came to visit me for a few days, and I’d rather talk to her than write out recipes. Maybe next time. Forgive me and thanks for understanding.


  1. With eight you get eggrole! I'm so glad for your third, because your books have just the right tone from faraway places.

    1. Bob:

      Thanks for your comment. I'm so glad you got some value from my stories.



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