Thursday, August 20, 2009


I can't believe it's been so long since my last (my first) blog post. Every time I started to write one, something came up--a long trip from California to Missouri aand back (that took all of June), then a family wedding in Oregon--plus getting a part in a new musical to be performed in our local little theatre. Yes I sing too, but Celine Dion has nothing to fear.

Ideas for blogging came to me from time to time--newsworthy events to comment on, like ship piracy off the coast of Somalia (remember that?) and Michael Jackson's untimely death (will that coverage never end?), but those are too out-of-date. So, instead, I'll go with what happened within the past week. I think the French call it "deja vu."

Jazz being one of my musical faves, about nine days ago, we went to see Diana Krall perform. Afterward, I Googled her and learned that her husband, Elvis Costello is Irish and his real first name is Declan. I'd never heard that name before. but four days later, I saw the name in a magazine article. And, two days after that--in the chapter of a book posted in my online critique group--there was Declan again.

This wasn't the first time I heard of something and then it popped up again two more times in short order, and I'm told by friends that they've had similar experiences. Makes you believe there's some truth to the theory that if you concentrate on something, you'll bring more of it into your life. (Money. Money. Money. Published books with my name on them.)

Well, the latter came true yesterday, when the books I ordered from Wild Rose Press arrived. They're copies of my latest romance novel, ROMAN HOLIDAY. It's an inspirational romance which came out last month and I'm getting ready to give copies to relatives for Christmas. If you'd like a free, autographed copy, just be one of the first three to post a comment here.

I won't always give away books, but I need to make up for my prior tardiness. I promise to post more often from now on.

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