Sunday, September 6, 2009


Like everyone else this week, I'm shocked and dismayed over the news that, after eighteen years, a little girl, kidnapped at age eleven, has finally been found and returned to her family.

Many years ago, my son was kidnapped by my ex-husband, and I went through a terrible ordeal until he was returned. But my experience pales before what Jaycee's mother must have endured. To say nothing of what happened to Jaycee: raped, forced to live in a shack, bear two children, never allowed to go to school or see a doctor. It's outrageous and totally beyond words.

In these times, when a meddling neighbor will sometimes yell, "child abuse," if she sees a mother grab her child too tightly, how could this travesty go unnoticed?

I've read that, in 2006, a neighbor did report seeing children in the backyard of this registered sex offender's house; but the police who came never even went into the backyard to investigate. Do I detect a lawsuit in the future? In my opinion, I should. I don't like ambulance-chasing lawyers or frivolous litigation, but this case screams for retribution, if only to send a strong message to those we trust to keep us--and our children--safe.

In the musical I'm currently rehearsing for, we sing, "Tragedy tomorrow - Comedy tonight!" But I'm finding it hard to keep the tears out of my voice this week. I hope there'll be Comedy Tomorrow.

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