Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Well, it will be free for five days beginning Thursday, November 7. For details about how you can receive TWO free books, read my last post, because I’ve not written another since then. Talk about “best laid plans”...

But a look at my life–so far–should convince you I’m very good at making long-range plans and not so good at having them turn out as I’d hoped. As I said last month, I expected to have my knee replacement surgery on October 21st and be right back in the saddle with new posts on this blog by the 28th. Silly girl.

And my tardiness wasn’t because I hadn’t been warned. Apparently, I fell in love with the promise (from the many friends who’d already had the procedure), “You’ll be so glad you did.” Or perhaps it was this one, “I don’t even know I have knees,” which made me ignore, “Of course, the first few weeks are rough...” “Rough,” as in “OMG, wha hoppen?”

I haven’t worn makeup or combed my hair since Labor Day (or so it seems to my time-slowed-down brain), or eaten a decent-sized meal, or walked three inches without a machine attached to me or a person saying, “You can do this,”, or pain, or all of the above.

My autobiography, when I finally get around to writing it (sorry, there are at least four novels in line ahead of that),  will be titled Making Other Plans because I’ve always been good at telling God what I want and ignoring the no-doubt follow-up laughter. Like finishing my college degree (those four novels above), like marrying only once (but three isn’t so terrible, is it?) And winning an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay (but that could still happen, right?)

Comments are very welcome, but responses may be slow since I’m only allowed 30 minutes at the computer. Wait. Do I hear the computer police sirens now?


  1. Buck up, Phyllis. I had both my knees replaced and, yes, you will be glad you did it. But not for the first month. With the first one, it took a year to work up the courage. A year and a half later, the other knee went out. It took me about fifteen minutes to call the doctor and demand they replace the other one. The only lasting result is that you see off every security alarm at airports, etc.

    1. Ann: Thanks for the encouragement. When my perverse sense of humor returns, I think I may take delight in setting off security alarms.


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