Wednesday, April 23, 2014


As I promised a few weeks ago, the digital version of my latest book will be free on Amazon for five days beginning Thursday, April 24th through April 28th. Click on this link.

FINDING AMY started life several years ago as HIDE AND SEEK, and, sometimes, LOST AND FOUND, but when I gave up trying to get a “big” publisher, I changed the title, and my talented artist-husband designed the cover. Joel Friedlander, the Book Designer, thinks the background has too much texture, but, since the novel is Romantic Suspense, I like the darker shades. The price of $3.99 reflects the fact it’s a longer-than-usual book at almost 300 pages. However, during the month of May, early buyers will be able pick it up for only $2.99.

Both romance and mystery abound, but there’s also humor. I love to add bits of that to my books, because I love comedy and like to read other writers’ books that use a little humor. Here are a few samples to whet your appetite:

In her experience, time had done a bang-up job of matching the speed of light.
“You must stop moping around feeling sorry for yourself.”
“You‘re right, as usual. I’ll go.” Better than lying awake listening to mice chatting to one another in the walls.

During that long-ago summer, she’d waded in the lily pond. With her girl cousins, she’d climbed over the stone cherubs, giggling about whether the boy cherub was anatomically correct.

"Yet you did inherit something. A trunk in the attic sounds positively mysterious."
"You mean I might find an old skeleton inside?"
"Let's hope not, but aren't you anxious to find out?"
     "Not much. Elmore hasn't led me to expect the Crown Jewels."

Hugh grinned at her strange behavior, backed out and closed the door behind him. Sabrina wished she could take him into her confidence. Before he decided some village was minus its idiot.

There’s more. Plus Sabrina is followed, has her hotel rooms trashed (twice!) And is kidnapped. It was such fun to write, and I hope you’ll find it fun to read.

Joel Friedlander"


  1. Hi Phyllis,

    There sure were a lot of Finding Amy's but of course I got the right one. Yours is third in line. I look forward to reading it. Best of luck with your promotions..


    1. Bob;
      Thanks so much. I hope you like the book. If so, a review on Amazon would be appreciated. I'm still recovering from my knee surgery, so didn't have a chance to try for many reviews. And then, in the midst of it all, my e-mail provider, Outlook Express, stopped working. I switched to my husband's e-mail program, Thunderbird, and the thing alphabetized all three of my mailing lists using first names! But FINDING AMY is ranked #75 in the Kindle Store, so I'm happy.


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