Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I’m so excited. My novella, THE WEDDING GUEST, was accepted into the Kindle World, FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FIASCO. It went up almost a week ago and is $1.99.

The first books in the “Wedding” series were written by Lucy Kevin, which, as many of you know, is a pen name for Bella Andre, one of the super stars of self-published Romance novels. A few other authors have written novellas for this world, and royalties are thirty-five percent. Bella also has another World, titled, GAME FOR LOVE, which is also open for new books by other writers.

In addition, there are Worlds created by H. M. Ward, Barbara Freethy and Hugh Howey, and, if you write for one of them and yours is accepted, you can boast about being in great company. At least, I am. LOL.

The World Licensor sets up his or her World and a new writer must use that, but the story created can add new characters and plots and belongs to the author. I was lucky that the Wedding series is set in San Francisco, where I lived for twenty-five years, so it was fun.

The Kindle Worlds team is also working on creating new Worlds, so authors should keep watching the site for chances to be published in one of them.

THE WEDDING GUEST is my second book (FINDING AMY is the other) to be priced at $1.99, but that’s unless you get AMY at only 99 cents for one more day. It goes to $1.99 on the 22nd and returns to its usual price of $3.99 on August 25. But THE WEDDING GUEST will always be only $1.99. And worth it if I do say so myself.

The heroine is a financial advisor and the hero comes to her because his twin 85-year-old aunts are also clients. He, too, invests with her, and of course they fall in love. But, when a problem arises, she thinks he was passing on illegal insider information. Read my 27,000 word novella to learn how they are able to come to their HEA ending.

Plus, if you like THE WEDDING GUEST, a review on Amazon will be appreciated. Thank you.


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  2. Your stories are all great. Funny thing, pricing on Kindle and other ebook-ings have stayed flat. Inflation is driving everything else up except for the product of our creative blood, sweat and tears.I'm thinking of moving my novella up to 2.99 (the barrier for 70% return) because the sales have trailed off and it's worth it, IMHO.


    1. Bob: Thanks for the comment. Since THE WEDDING GUEST is in the Kindle Worlds series, I didn't have a choice about price. I lowered the price of FINDING AMY as an Amazon Countdown promotion, but it will soon be back to $3.99. It's a longer book. The other books I self-published are $2.99 which I think is fair for their length.


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