Friday, July 8, 2016


Well, I’m not really crippled - at least only temporarily - so I expect to be normal again in a few more months. Three months have gone by since I fell in my bathroom and broke the bone in my left leg. The doctor clamped the bone to my hip, and says the X-Rays look good, so who am I to quarrel with him?

What happened next is that I got a blood clot in my right leg, which became very swollen and red, causing me to need a walker to get around easily (although I do walk a few steps when I need to), and my doctor says another six months of healing may be necessary before it’s normal again. It’s already only pale pink instead of red, and much less swollen. So here’s to a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Between now and then, if you are one of my former Blog readers, please start reading my Blogs every Wednesday again. And tell your friends and, especially, anyone who was reading me before March 25. Many thanks for your help in getting the word out that I’m back in Blog business again.

As for advice, obey your doctor, and any nurses they send around and you, too, may overcome a blood clot in nine months (or fewer).

For advice about how to overcome an addiction to an opioid painkiller, I did that over three years ago, and it worked, so try what I did, even though I’m not a doctor. Three years ago, addiction to painkillers was not making newspaper headlines, but it is now, so this is offered to help anyone who is caught right now.

About four years ago, I had an operation to replace my right knee. I was given, among other drugs, one called Percocet, and then given a prescription at my nearby Walgreen’s. After another month, I thought I was through with that, and stopped taking Percocet. Whoa.

Without the drug I couldn’t sleep. My skin felt as if insects were crawling all over it, and I turned and tossed in bed every five seconds. I went back to taking Percocet so I could get some sleep. And then my husband, who is also not a doctor (but a very smart guy), told me I was addicted and suggested a way to fix that.

It took several months, but it worked, so here it is for anyone who needs it. We started by my taking half a Percocet at bedtime, and I was able to sleep. We did that for two months, than switched to a quarter of a tablet, and that worked too. After two months of that, we switched to an eighth of a tablet for another two months, and when I finally stopped taking it altogether, I felt normal. Good luck.

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