Wednesday, July 13, 2016


My Blog this week is about a fourth Sherlock Holmes short story. Yes, like many other authors, I’m writing about the master detective invented by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. However, Doyle’s stories were written in the 19th century, and my Holmes is living in the 21st century in the San Francisco apartment of Sheridan (“Sherry”) Holmes.

 If you haven’t read my first three Holmes’ stories, here’s your chance. The first story, titled A STUDY IN AMBER (Doyle’s first story about his Holmes, was titled A STUDY IN SCARLET.) And it’s free on Amazon. I made it free so readers who first find my stories by reading later novellas, can learn how he came to be a ghost in 21st century San Francisco. However, if you want to read books two and three, (and I sincerely hope you like the first enough to try the others) they’ll cost you the price of these novellas, currently $1.99 each.

 As I indicated, Holmes’s story about how he came to live in San Francisco in the 21st century is spelled out in book One, A STUDY IN AMBER, so I’m not going to repeat that here. That book also contains a mystery which Holmes resolves, and the book (all the novellas) have a certain amount of humor along with a mystery.

 Originally, these novellas were e-books only, but I have a lot of relatives, most of whom don’t have an e-book reader, so they’ve been unable to read them. Until now. This coming November, however, will see a three-story book on Amazon, which will contain all three of those first stories in print. It’s titled (what else?) HOLMES AND HOLMES. And, in addition, the fourth story, titled THE MISSING MAN, is coming out as an e-book at the same time. Eventually, that too will show up in a printed version.

 So, check Amazon for the new three-story book, and, if you have an e-reader, get a copy of THE MISSING MAN. Doyle wrote some 50-plus stories about his 19th century Holmes, so I have plenty of work ahead of me. Book number five is already plotted and ready to be written and published. I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

 Please tell your friends who were reading my Holmes stories about these new books. And Happy Reading to you-all.

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