Wednesday, July 27, 2016


 My Blog this week is about the fourth Sherlock Holmes short story. Yes, like many other authors, I’m writing about the master detective invented by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. However, Doyle’s stories were written in the 19th century, and my Holmes is living in the 21st century in the San Francisco apartment of Sheridan (“Sherry”) Holmes.

 In this story, Sherry’s friend tells her about her planned wedding and invites her to attend. Along with her sickly father’s nurse, plus Sherry’s grandmother, Tessa, and Watson, the young, good-looking man who keeps all the old San Francisco Victorians in good working condition.

 But, wait, strange things happen in this story. For one thing the fiancé’ is eager to marry her and take her to his home in Hungary to live. For another, the wedding chapel is painted purple and is staffed by a strange young man who doesn’t even know the groom. But then the groom never shows up. Instead, he writes her a lovely note explaining his anxiety to marry and take her back to Hungary with him. She’s eager to do so because she’s rather obese and never had a boyfriend.

 After that, things escalate. The bride wants to kill the groom, but strange things occur on the San Francisco Bay Bridge. What happens to the groom? Will the bride ever get married? What does Sherlock think of this strange story?

 If you haven’t read my first three Holmes’ stories, here’s your chance. The first story, titled A STUDY IN AMBER (Doyle’s first story about his Holmes, was titled A STUDY IN SCARLET.) And it’s free on Amazon. I made it free so readers who first find my stories by reading later novellas, learn how he came to be a ghost in the 21st century. Except for the three-book story, the rest will cost you the current price of the novellas, $1.99 each.

 A STUDY IN AMBER also contains a mystery which Holmes resolves, and the book (all the novellas) have a certain amount of humor along with a mystery. And, in addition, the fourth story, titled THE MISSING MAN, is coming out as an e-book at the same time. It, too, will show up in printed version later.  So, check Amazon for the new three-story book, and, if you have an e-reader, get a copy of THE MISSING MAN.

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